Searching for Podiatry Jobs during the Coronavirus

The fact is COVID or the Coronavirus has destroyed the Podiatry Job Market to where it is almost non existent. Web sites and emails that used to have 20-30 Podiatry Jobs now have maybe 3. There was a good article written on the forces that have basically created the lost generation of Podiatrists that are graduating from residencies now:

So where can you find Podiatric jobs? Well if you have a good relationship with Podiatrists that is the best way to start. As you have probably heard it is not what you know, it’s who you know. Well, COVID-19 Pandemic has made that even more important while looking for a Podiatry job during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

I know a lot of Podiatrists have dreams or aspirations of getting a Podiatry job at a Hospital or even a rural Hospital. You probably have to give up on that dream for the time being. Most hospitals and especially rural hospitals that would be amenable for hiring Podiatrists are currently broke. The one caveat, Wound Care, is the one thing that has been constant during this crisis. If you can find Wound Care centers that are hiring Podiatrists that could be an option, though finding Wound Care centers that are hiring Podiatrists is not that easy to find during normals times, much less a Pandemic. 

Normally, a lot of Podiatrists want to get into large Podiatry groups or multi speciality groups. The negative aspect of this is the COVID-19 Pandemic has hit these groups the hardest. Trying to find job offers from them may be difficult. The best bet for Podiatry jobs right now is small practices with incentive based contracts. The fact is Podiatrists do not have a lot of money right now due to the Coronavirus shutdowns to throw a lot of money at prospective Podiatry applicants. But, if you can sell yourself you should be able to find some small groups willing to take chances on Podiatrists on incentive laden contracts.

As always make sure to follow the Podiatry Job Boards such as they are, the best ones tend to be.


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