How to get into Podiatry School

Getting into Podiatry school is not hard. They are currently accepting people with 3.2 GPA science and 3.3 overall with an MCAT score of 124.  Now a couple things that can help you is a recommendation from a Podiatrist and shadowing a Podiatrist.  Also shadowing will help you get an idea if you actually want to become a Podiatrist.  Now if your scores and grades are below that do not worry as that is average and they do let lower scores in.  If that is the case for you I think it is really important to have spent time at a Podiatrist’s office and to have a Podiatrist go to bat for you with a recommendation. Remember, experience can trump grades in a lot of cases.  Do not fret that the acceptance rate is over 80%, you will in all likelihood get in.

If you are still concerned and want for information on all your options in the medical fields I highly recommend reading this book. Not only does this book break down getting into medical school it also goes over in great detail getting into Podiatry, Osteopathic, Optometry and Chiropractor. Before making a decision give this a read.

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