How do I consolidate my Podiatry Student Loan?

Listen, I get it. You just graduated residency or Podiatry School and now are staring at over 200k in debt, sometimes from multiple loans. It is scary.  First off, take a deep breath, you will be fine. You will get through this you have a degree now that is worth a lot of money.  You have training that is worth a lot of money. You are going to be fine.  First things first. You need to educate yourself. You are not going to find the answers you seek in one website article or a Facebook post. This is a complicated issue and there is no short answer.  If there is one book I could recommend it is this one:

This book has everything you need to know from repayment to consolidation.  Remember, knowledge is your ally here. Remember the NBC slogan, “the more you know”.  Well the more you know about your Podiatry School Loan the better and smarter you will be about making decisions in regards to paying off that student loan.

Here is the other book I really recommend reading. Remember the goal here is get out of debt to no longer have any debt. How do you go about that? It doesn’t happen by rolling out of bed. It happens by working hard and making smart decisions.

Now you are probably like “buddy I cannot find a bank or company to work with me to get my loans consolidated”. Here is a company I have found on the internet that specializes in just that. It’s called Purefy and they specialize specifically in consolidating student loans.

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