How to write a personal statement to get into Podiatry School

First off, before you write this personal statement, relax. You are most likely getting into Podiatry school.  As long as your GPA and MCCAT scores are not awful, the personal statement can only be a deal breaker. What I would recommend is if you are applying with an okay GPA and MCCAT score just write a generic boiler plate personal statement. Talk about the differences you have seen Podiatrists make with a friend or a family member. Or how you want to have a satisfying life with an important role in the medical community and that is why you want to be a Podiatrist. These are not hard. If you are still nervous there are books you can read:

Now say your MCAT score or GPA are not high and you are nervous about getting into Podiatry School. Now the personal statement becomes more important.  In this case I think it’s not only important to discuss what you see is the improvement Podiatry can make in people’s lives, you also in your personal statement should talk yourself up. Did you work three jobs in college, have you done something or experienced something nobody else has experienced?  TALK ABOUT IT! Make sure the person that reads the statement thinks “wow, that person really is an intelligent, well spoken person”.

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