What companies will refinance a Podiatry Student Loan?

Sometimes the debt from student loans, especially Podiatry student loans, can be overwhelming. You have 200k of debt and the monthly payments are beating you down. It sometimes gets to the point as a Podiatrist you do not know where to turn as far as getting these payments reduced, getting a better deal, getting a better interest rate. One of the issues is there are just not a lot of companies out there that deal with Podiatrists. 

Now as a Podiatrist you have options. You have degree; you have training; you have a future. It will get better. I realize that many people are only concerned about the now. And with the now, one thing you can do is start with a local bank. Now when choosing a bank to refinance a student loan the smaller and more local the better chance you have. Chase Bank or your big national banks will probably not deal with you. Go local and go with smaller banks that will get to know you and your specific situation. The other option is to refinance using an internet company that has the money to cover you. There is a company called Purefy that some Podiatrists have had great success refinancing their student loan with. Do not be afraid to give them a call. I would get three or four options about refinancing and then go with the best offer.

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